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英語でSpeak Up! #82:”attorney”と”lawyer”の違いとは(ニューヨーク州弁護士リッキー徳永さん)


ニューヨーク州弁護士は”New York State Attorney”

――So, you’re a New York State attorney?

Ricky: Yes.

――What’s the difference between attorney and lawyer?

Ricky: Oh, okay, that’s good question.

Attorney is more like professional way of calling lawyers.


Ricky: And, when you say attorney, that means someone who is officially licensed to practice law in US.

But, when you say lawyer, it’s more broad way of describing people who are professionals in legal world.

So, when you say lawyer, they might not be necessarily an attorney or who can practice law.


Ricky: Not actually licensed lawyer.


So, my experience was you know when I was studying English in the US, when I first went there, I told them, “hey, I majored in law in Japan.”

And they started calling me “oh, so you’re lawer.”

They said that actually.

So, who ever you know who studied law, who actually does any legal work, they call them lawyers.

It might not be very official way, but they actually say it.

But, never say attorney just because they studied law.


Ricky: So, the biggest difference is either or not they have license to practice law or not.

Another difference between attorney and lawyer is ah… where actually you are.

So… when you say attorney, it’s more common in US.

If you go to UK, Australia or some other countries outside US, they don’t usually say attorney.

So, speaking lawyer, I’m ah… I’m calling myself “steak attorney.”


――”Steak attorney”? Not “state attorney”?

Ricky: Not “state”, “steak”.

――What do you mean?

Ricky: Well, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a… I just made it up.

――What does it mean?

Ricky: Okay, that means, nothing.

I was steak lawyer, just because I like steak.

――Like, steak, you mean like beef steaks?

Ricky: Beef steak.

Yes, ribs, sirloin… whatever it is.

I love steak, I eat steak every day.

――Every day?

Ricky: Almost every day.

――Wow, you’re making a lot of money.

Ricky: Oh, no, no, no, I’m just spending too much money.

――Ha ha ha.